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We are gathered today to honor a very dear friend, a child of God, Dr. Noli Zosa,

born in Cebu Province and raised in the Philippine heartland. He persevered,

knowing fully well he would not receive all the beautiful things he was promised,

because he firmly believed his efforts would deliver a better life for those who

followed. He belonged to a generation of dignity, integrity, honesty and courage

with strong convictions.He had the vision that one day his life would be devoted

to upholding and sharing the vicissitudes of life and uplifting his countrymen.

He encouraged progress not by pushing his ideas alone but by seeking your

ideas partnering with you to make things happen. Dr. Zosa showed his character

in his devotion to his family.


He was a proud husband to his loving wife Ate Nena, a proud brother, a gifted

father and a concerned individual as well, here in United States of America and

half the globe, the Philippines, the country he loved best.


He prided himself as a very caring man, as a human being and as a friend. He always possessed that burning desire to extend a helping hand when necessity dictates.He was endowed with a sense of community, a life of worship, a reception of the Lord’s word and indeterminate challenges. His vision was beyond imagination.


The best thing that we could remember Dr. Zosa is that he brought so much life, love and joy to those who knew him and a bigger pride to his family.


He offered and sacrificed his body and soul for the ultimate realization and success of the PMASC. Perhaps he truly wanted that the missions and goals of our organization be fulfilled with utmost honor and dignity.  Arguments, discussions and solutions were choices in a varied cuisine during our meetings and at the end of the day, all were good, complete agreement with joyful results. With Dr. Zosa’s perseverance, great understanding and total commitment, everything was attainable.


He exhibited his profound conviction and determination to overcome hardships and sufferings by his extreme desire to bring forth solace and comfort upon all his patients and friends alike.


During a break in one of our medical missions, he sat beside me,placed his arm on my shoulder and said, “Jun I am very, very happy, I never felt so invigorated, I feel young again”. Well I paused for a moment and tried to decipher what he meant, young again. But I totally understood him and I replied,”Dr. Zosa, your passion for helping people, your strong desire to make them well and with your ardent groovy communication skills had already rendered a 90% cure and the medications you have given would handle the rest of the 10% in the healing process”. He was overjoyed that he vowed to join more medical missions.  That moment showed the sparkle in his eyes and radiance from his face fully signified the beauty of his soul. He ranked with the elite for he adored the truth in his words, his deeds and his visions.


His noble intentions served as a great inspiration as he paved the way for others to work for positive changes and also for others to emulate. As we have ventured on our mission as healers, like Mother Teresa, we need to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. What better way to do that, than to use the hands of oblation to become the caring hands to cure and comfort. With insurmountable courage and integrity, with unwavering faith in values nothing is left to be doubted.


What really amazed us was that while he was on a pedestal so to speak, he definitely displayed his heavenly characters by adhering to Honesty; Integrity; Humility; Respect; Dedication. These were his valued divine traits.


Changes and challenges come and go but one thing inherent in our inner sanctum is our gracious motive of sharing, not only to our loved ones, our friends, our relatives but even to someone unknown to us. It matters not if we do not have much for it is in the spirit of giving that counts. And this is the portrayal of Dr. Zosa’s kindness.


Dr. Zosa, we are so thankful and so blessed for the times we all have spent together;the pleasant memories we all have savored together;the patients we have assisted together; the guiding missions we have fulfilled together; but most of all the laughter and tears we have shared together.


Goodbye our friend, you may be gone but never be forgotten.


We always love you and you will be in our hearts forever.


To Ate Nena and family, you will never be alone,the entire PMASC and Auxiliary will be with you always.


Till’ we meet again,our dearest friend, our brother.


In observance to the current situation, let us abide with all safety measures and be well.


Licerio Castro, MD

President, PMASC 2020-2021

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